How to clarify skin around eyes

How to clarify skin around eyes

Eyes – the brightest and noticeable part of the face. At the same time the general state and skin color around them can seriously affect appearance of the person. However the faces of mask used for skin lightening and creams are improper for restoration of normal shade of skin in around eye.

  • - crude potatoes;
  • - parsley;
  • - fennel;
  • - camomile.

1. At first reveal and, whenever possible, remove the causes of darkening of skin under eyes. Treat the possible reasons: alcohol intake for the night, frequent locks and also violations of work of heart or kidneys. Besides, dark circles can turn out to be consequence of age changes in organism.

2. Every morning do massage of zone around eyes. Right after morning washing by easy movements mass lower eyelid fingertips. Carry out movements from temple to nose bridge. Continue to do massage within 2-4 minutes.

3. After massage use the special gel or cream intended for skin lightening near eyes. You apply it with finger-tips by means of easy movements on lower eyelid from temples to nose bridge.

4. After putting cream or gel make several enough strong pressing movements on edges of eye orbit in the same direction (i.e. from temples to nose bridge). Continue such movements within 1-2 minutes. At their performance you watch that skin did not stretch and did not move (that is pressings have to be accurate and exact).

5. Daily or every other day do the following water gymnastics. Fill wide clean container with cold water, lower the person in water and directly in water several times close and open eyelids.

6. Within 10 minutes carry out the following exercises. Close eyes, record skin in corners of eyes forefingers so that it did not gather in wrinkles. Blink from all force for 6 seconds then completely relax eyelids. Such gymnastics can be done 1-4 times a day.

7. Do the refreshing masks of polished crude potatoes or the kneaded parsley roots. Impose mask on eyelids for 10-20 minutes then wash away it warm water. It is necessary to do such mask once a week within month.

8. Do contrast lotions of grass infusions. Make teaspoon of fennel or camomile in half of glass of boiled water 1, after cooling divide tincture into 2 parts. Strongly cool one of parts, warm up another. Put to eye area the gauze napkin moistened alternately in hot, in cold infusion. You carry out this procedure every other day within one month.

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