How to clarify spots from pimples

How to clarify spots from pimples

If acne rash not to treat, and to try to squeeze out the red inflamed pimples, then on skin there are rough hems and dark red-violet stains. It is possible to get rid of pigmentation by means of house means or having completed course of saloon procedures.

It is required to you

  • - clay, essential oil of rosemary, lemon juice or peroxide of hydrogen;
  • - medical paraffin;
  • - cucumbers, lemons, tomatoes;
  • - tea tree oil.


1. Do masks of clay. Take dry powder of any color, part with water to semi-fluid state, add couple of drops of essential rosemary oil and apply on the darkened sites of skin. Instead of oil it is possible to add lemon juice or peroxide of hydrogen to clay.

2. Kindle piece of medical paraffin in ware, dip Q-tip into weight and pointwise apply on the spots which have remained after pimples. When paraffin stiffens, remove it. The procedure promotes strengthening of blood circulation and accelerates resorption of hypodermic hematomas and spots.

3. Do the bleaching masks of vegetables and fruit. The clarifying properties of cucumber, lemon, tomato are known to all. You can just use pulp or juice, but apply them strictly on spots if you do not want to clarify other sites of skin. Pulp of tomato can be mixed with starch, to lemon juice to add the beaten egg white, and use cucumber weight clean, without impurity.

4. Clarify spots essential oils. Tea tree oil is good antiseptic agent and is used both for treatment of eels, and for bleaching of the spots which have remained after them. The substance which is very concentrated therefore you apply it strictly on spots, try not to burn nearby fabrics.

5. Grease spots with medicines. Salicylic acid, fresh-water sponge, sledotsit, skinoren and other medicines well clarify skin, leveling color and doing reddish spots imperceptible. Apply all means only after consultation of the cosmetologist.

6. Address to cosmetology salon for holding the procedures bleaching and leveling skin. The superficial chemical (glycolic) peeling is based on burning of the upper layer of the skin by fruit acids. There is cell renewal, and all spots and roughnesses of skin disappear together with deciduous scales. Laser grinding of skin – procedure essence the same, that is removal of old layer of skin. The laser beam acts on fabric, evaporating cages and stimulating collagen synthesis therefore covers are updated. Microdermabrasion – one of skin grinding options, possesses similar action and allows to get rid forever of spots after pimples.

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