How to clarify tone of skin

How to clarify tone of skin

Skin lightening — burning question for many girls and women who want to get rid of freckles and excessive suntan. It is possible to clarify skin in cosmetology salons or at home.


1. In cosmetology salons the set of the procedures clarifying skin is carried out. Most of them are different types of peelings. That similar influences have not done much harm to your skin, it is necessary to consult when choosing peeling with the cosmetologist.

2. Choosing ready cosmetology decisions, pay attention to for what type of skin they are suitable. Not to earn additional problems, it is very important to choose the correct and suitable means which will not overdry and will not pull together skin. Ingredients have to be familiar and checked on which you definitely have no allergy. Surely you carry out the test for negative reaction, having applied small amount of mask on wrist or bend of elbow if there are no irritation or other unpleasant feelings, this structure means it is possible to put on face.

3. However skin can be clarified also in house conditions, there is set of good cosmetics and even the traditional recipes which have proved for long to year the efficiency. Before deciding on skin lightening in house conditions, you need to understand whether really it is so necessary. Even the sparing house procedures can bring certain discomfort. If you have freckles, pigmental spots, too intensive suntan, unhealthy complexion, scars or small knots after pimples, clarification will help you to cope with such problems.

4. If you do not trust ready cosmetic decisions, you can use house masks on the basis of lemon, milk or sour cream. Egg white has the good clarifying effect, besides it tightens face contour. If you want to clarify tone of skin, use mask from parsley. For this purpose crush fresh greens, mix it with tablespoon of honey and teaspoon of juice of lemon. Put mask for 15-20 minutes, and then wash away warm water.

5. Always do the clarifying masks in warm season, the skin weakened by influence of structure can react to frosts rather badly. You should not spend right after clarification much time on bright sun. It makes sense to do the clarifying masks for the night, then their action will be more effective as skin will have time for restoration before exit to the street. If you have sensitive skin or you are inclined to allergies, refuse the strong clarifying masks as it can negatively affect your health.

6. You should not leave the clarifying masks on face longer, than for half an hour. That the effect was better, it is necessary to wash away masks camomile broth (on glass of boiled water to take two big spoons of dry flowers, to leave to infuse within hour). It is not necessary to carry out similar procedures more often than two times a week. The full clarifying course on average has to consist of six-eight masks.

7. Have not bad proved the bleaching compresses. They represent the gauze fabric which is plentifully moistened in active ingredient. As the last lemon juice, curdled milk, grass infusion can act. The moistened fabric needs to be put to the person for 10-15 minutes. Such compresses can be done 2 times in 7-10 days.

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