How to clean chakras

How to clean chakras

are power centers in human body. As a rule, at the person of chakra become soiled from time to time, and it is in many respects connected with way of life, acts and thoughts of the person. As a result of such pollution of chakras there are diseases, depressions, chronic fatigue, slackness, etc. Clarification of chakras helps for improvement of organism, and favorably affects not only physical, but also the emotional, and spiritual plan.


  1. You can carry out this exercise just before dream. Turn off the light, then extend hands and legs, at the same time do not cross them. Close eyes.
  2. Feel the body entirely. Mentally walk on all body, at the same time relaxing it, from heels to the top. Now provide that through your body there pass seven beams. Colors of these beams have to match the colors of seven main chakras.
  3. Begin with the lower root chakra - Muladhara. From below up through area of this chakra mentally carry out bright red beam. Pass to area of stomach, three fingers are lower than navel - it is area of sacral chakra of Svadhistana. Carry out through it orange beam up. Do the same also with other chakras. Carry out yellow beam from the region of solar plexus - Manipura's chakras. Green beam - from area of heart - Anakhata. Blue - from area of throat, Vishudh's chakra. Direct beam of indigo color from the region of the third eye - Adzhna. And, at last, from area tops - Sakhasrara - are slightly higher carry out violet beam.
  4. Thus, you lie as though pierced with seven beams of different color, chained by them to the earth. Listen to the feelings. This state has to be very comfortable for you.
  5. And here then mentally ask Mat-Zemlyu to take away from you all collected negative, all bad that has accumulated for this day, and send all this on beams down, to the earth. At the same time you can feel how from your body as if something begins to get enough sleep through these beams as though it was sand in the sundial. In several moments you feel full emptiness of body as though it - the become empty vessel.
  6. And again address the earth: Mat-Zemlya, fill me with the terrestrial force! Mentally observe how through all seven multi-colored beams the hollow space of your body, each its site and corner, is filled with energy as though golden, scintillating clot. Energy spreads freely and poured on your body, allocating it with the force and heat.
  7. Some time stay in this state. Then make one more address - to the Universe, to Space. Mentally ask to fill you with space, universal energy. Energy which will fill you will already be blue or bluish-silvery color, and will sparkle and be poured in the same way.
  8. When you feel sufficient fullness, begin to mix this two energy (golden, warm igolubovato-silvery, cool) in body. It is possible that by this moment you will already fall asleep. Your sleep at the same time will be deep and at the same time very salutary. Morning awakening will be much easier, and your body will be filled with force and energy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team