How to clean face

How to clean face

Face skin care is obligatory if you want to keep for a long time freshness, youth and appeal. Not necessarily every time when it is necessary to carry out face peel, to go to the professional cosmetologist — some procedures you can make houses. Here several methods of effective and careful face peel both in house conditions, and with use of services of the cosmetologist.


1. One of the most available ways of cleaning are various masks, imposing which for certain term, you nourish skin with useful substances, tighten and effectively clean it. It is the best of all to do masks independently according to recipes which there is a lot of in network; also good effect masks from natural components, from white clay, from dirt of the Dead Sea have.

2. One more way of cleaning — peeling which is both hardware, and mechanical. You can conduct mechanical peeling independently, easily massaging face with small amount of special srub, and the hardware peeling to you will be made by the cosmetologist. Besides, in cosmetology office to you can make the vacuum peeling which was more sparing than usual hardware. By means of vacuum from skin hazardous substances and the died-off cages "are extended" and also such way well tightens and tones up your person.

3. Also you can choose among services of the cosmetologist ultrasonic peeling — the new word of modern technologies. The face skin covered with special structure is influenced by ultrasound then the died-off cages and old skin peel and cleaned off, wrinkles are smoothed, skin shortcomings disappear.

4. Also you can choose the mass of the modern means which are on sale in beauty shops and suitable for face peel for house use. It is recommended to consult previously with the knowing people before to use them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team