How to clean face freckles

How to clean face freckles

Happy owners of freckles are called favourites of the sun. But if your dream is gentle, white skin without uniform speck, then it is possible to get rid of gift of the sun. There is set of ways to clean face from freckles, both national, and medical.


1. Make infusion of cucumber seed. Fill in dry cucumber seeds with vodka at the rate of one to ten. Insist within two weeks in the dark cool place. Then filter infusion and part with ten parts of boiled water of room temperature. Wipe face with the cotton tampon moistened in infusion in the morning and in the evening. Do not wash away. In several days you will see how freckles have considerably turned pale.

2. Wash daily in the morning and in the evening slightly podkisshy milk. It has the light bleaching effect. Such way well suits those who have some freckles and they are quite light.

3. Wipe face with segment of fresh lemon within several days. But if you have dry and sensitive skin, then it is better to refuse this way as the lemon is capable to overdry skin and to cause its peeling.

4. Prepare parsley juice. Wipe face in the mornings and to evenings with pure juice of parsley. And it is possible to part it in proportion 1:1 with milk. Dry parsley infusions help to remove freckles too. But fresh it has more expressed bleaching effect.

5. Do one-two times in week of mask of horse-radish. Mix half of teaspoon of grated root of horse-radish with four tablespoons of acid milk or kefir. If mix has turned out strongly liquid, it is possible to add a little starch. Put the received mix on face, avoiding area of eyes, and leave for 15 minutes. Then wash away mask cool water and apply your usual day cream.

6. Address to medical or beauty shop where carry out laser procedures. To delete freckles with the laser without serious consequences and very effectively. But keep in mind that before such procedure it is necessary to consult to the doctor and to make necessary analyses.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team