How to clean face from eels

How to clean face from eels

Eels (pimples, gnoynichka) call inflammation of sebaceous glands, and it is frequent also their channels. Acne rash is more often inherent in the people possessing oily skin. Often the hems spoiling appearance become consequences of eels. To avoid it, it is necessary to clean face from eels from time to time. There are several easy ways what of them will be chosen by you, depend only on you.

1. Mechanical cleaning Procedure effective and fast, however quite painful. Steam out face over pan with hot water, having covered with scarf or towel. You can add to boiled water flowers of camomile pharmaceutical or turns. When time on face rather well reveals, clean hands accurately begin to squeeze out eels. Upon termination of the procedure put on face the pulling together mask (for example, from medical clay), take it before full drying, wash away warm water, blot face with soft napkin and grease with nutritious cream.

2. The peeling Is the second most popular method of face peel from eels. It is divided into two views. Chemical pilingna the help special substances which when drawing on the person dissolve the upper layer of the skin afterwards deleted together with the died-off sections come. It is better if such procedure is carried out by the professional cosmetologist though at strict observance of proportions and rules of use of means it is possible to make chemical peeling and in house conditions.Mehanicheskiy pilingpriznanny and widely known type of such peeling – brossazh, carried out by means of special brushes. At the same time face skin is exposed not only to clarification, but also massage that also favorably affects pimpled skin. If at your place there is set of brushes for brossazh, you can do this procedure of the house. Except clean face skin, you take great pleasure since this procedure is very pleasant.

3. Ultrasonic and vacuum cleaning Such service has appeared rather recently and it is considered currently the least traumatic way of cleaning of face skin from eels. At the same time the effect of it remains for a long time. Register to the cosmetologist, he will carry out the procedure quickly and qualitatively, and you will need only to maintain effect, visiting beauty shop or clinic monthly.

4. National methods of face peel from eels They do not give lightning effect, however at regular application yield good result. Wipe the places struck with eels (pimples, gnoynichka), juice of thistle prickly. In parallel you can use this juice inside on 1 tsp three times a day before food. Periodically grease eels with the cotton pad moistened in fir oil (it freely is on sale in drugstore). Buy calendula tincture in drugstore, mix 1 tsp of means with 1 tsp of honey, fill in mix with warm boiled water, stir and 2-3 times a day wipe face. Grate potatoes on small grater, wring out that at you 100 ml of potato juice have turned out. Add 1 tsp of honey. You apply the turned-out gruel on places of congestion of eels (it is possible also on all person) and you hold 20 minutes. Then wash away warm water and grease with favourite cream. Such cleaning mask can be done daily for 2 weeks, then to arrange rest or to replace potato and honey mask with another. The good effect gives aloe juice. Only it is necessary to train him in a special way. Cut off several lower leaves from plant, wash with warm boiled water, dry and place them for several days (from 3rd to 7) in the dark cool place (it is possible on the upper shelf of the fridge, previously having wrapped leaves in the newspaper). After this term get aloe, crush and wring out juice. Wipe face skin 2-3 times during the day. The result is visible practically at once, and in week you can not recognize the person at all, so equal and clean will become your skin.

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