How to clean face from pimples

How to clean face from pimples

Pimples and eels are capable to spoil even the most attractive and correct face. The pure and shining health leather – indisputable attribute of beauty. Unfortunately, huge number of people of both teenage, and middle age faces acne problem presently. Pimples can become the reason of bad mood, low self-assessment and constant stresses. This very artful enemy has absolutely different reasons and the best way to clean face he pimples – to work in complex.


1. For a start check the hormonal background – happens that girls even in later, than teenage, age, have failures in development and balance of men's and women's hormones at which the first are developed slightly more, than the last. The doctor can carry out necessary surveys and write out the means suitable you for correction of hormonal background.

2. The reason of bad skin can be in improper feeding and as the investigation, bad metabolism. Improper feeding causes violation of activity of digestive tract, the organism gets littered with toxins and products of disintegration that is reflected at once in skin – the biggest secretory and respiratory body! Refuse farinaceous food and sweet, use less salt, eat protein-rich food and "good" carbohydrates – porridges, muesli, cereals. It is impossible to combine incongruous – therefore to stewed (or boiled, the main thing – not fried) serve to meat vegetables with olive oil, but not French fries or bread. It is necessary to use carbohydrates in the morning, and proteins – in the evening.

3. In breaks between food it is necessary to drink a lot of water – it is desirable not gassy and room temperature. It will perfectly remove hazardous substances, will saturate skin with moisture, and pimples will soon recede. Both the unsweetened and not really strong green tea containing in the structure bacteria, useful to digestion, and enzymes is useful.

4. By all means get enough sleep. Bad dream in not aired room – the first step to the broken mentality and bad mood. Plus to everything organism does not receive enough energy for maintenance of health of all bodies, and "deprives" skin of the care and attention. So at least 8 hours of healthy sleep – and in week you will notice improvements in mirror.

5. Pick up the good and not drying skin leaving. If to snatch on pimples with aggressive means, the result will be absolutely opposite – skin will begin to produce even more fat and time will be hammered, causing all new inflammations. Also the skin should be moisturized low-fat gels and creams. Daily clarification – obligatory stage in fight against pimples. It is necessary to wash soft skin or gel with natural disinfecting components in the morning and to rinse face with cool water, and in the evening – warm water with soft srub. Every week do deep cleansing mask skin of clay and also vitamin masks from fresh fruit and berries (kiwi, strawberry). It will perfectly encourage skin in hard fight against pimples!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team