How to clean face in house conditions

How to clean face in house conditions

Which of women does not dream of beautiful and equal face skin. During the day your skin is affected by the street dirt and dust entering interaction with constantly allocated then and fat. To do without daily correct face cleaning you it will not turn out in any way.


1. Before starting cleaning, be not too lazy to specify type of the skin. It can be normal, dry, fat and even mixed when the T-zone abounds with fat time, and the skin on cheeks and around eyes remains dry and is subject to formation of wrinkles. Dry skin needs to be cleaned very accurately sparing means, and here fat it is possible to subject also to more careful cleaning.

2. It is the simplest to clean skin usual masks. Usual oat flakes can become fine means for this purpose. Make 1 tablespoon of oat-flakes small amount of boiled water so that dense gruel was formed. Cool porridge and put it on face massage movements. Leave porridge on face for influence within 15 minutes then wash away it water. The effect will strike you in a literal sense. You not only will remove dirt from face, porridge is vitamin-rich also minerals, it will clean the hammered time, will peel the died-off parts of skin, will refresh complexion and slightly will dry skin.

3. If you possess very dry skin, make porridge instead of water milk, add to mask before use a little honey.

4. Black dots in the T-zone can be formed at women with any type of skin. To get rid of them, steam out face over basin with hot water within 10-15 minutes. Take shaving cream, add to it on one teaspoon of salt and baking soda. Wipe with the massing movements the polluted sites of skin. But be extremely careful, try that mix has not got on sites of skin under eyes. Wash face warm water, apply on it mask from egg white with small addition of lemon juice. This procedure will pull together time and will prevent formation of new black dots.

5. Be very accurate if on skin there are inflamed eels or open wounds. Wait for healing, wiping face with accurate movements by the cotton tampon moistened alcohol or tea tree oil. And when eels will pass, continue to clean face regularly. Only this way you will be able to prevent emergence of new inflammatory process.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team