How to clean face pores in house conditions

As a rule, enlarged pores on face are signs of the increased skin oiliness. They can settle down both in nose and chin, and on cheeks. If in time not to clean pores on face, then over time face skin will become relief, and it will become very difficult to get rid of this defect in house conditions.


1. For usual daily face cleaning use the cleaning milk or gel which contain extracts and essential oils of aloe, camomile, lemon, basil, carnation, orange, iris, grapefruit.

2. The lotions containing zinc oxide perfectly will be suitable for narrowing of time and dehumidification of skin. After use of such lotion surely apply to face skin cream with the moistening effect. He will make skin more well-groomed and smooth.

3. It is recommended to apply masks on the basis of kaolin and clay to reduction of time. Color clay: blue, pink, black it is necessary to part with water, green tea, juice of aloe or cosmetic tonic. Such mask will narrow pores and will absorb their contents, will disinfect, will remove hypostasis, reddenings and irritations. Musk from clay needs to hold 20-25 minutes, and then to wash away cool water.

4. Reduce time also of mask from fruit: strawberries, apples, plum, apricots, peaches. Fruit needs to be pounded and applied to face skin for 30 minutes. Then to wash away cool water.

5. Will help to pull together time and to dry very oily skin mask from the beaten egg white with lemon juice addition. It is not recommended to be done to thicket of 1 time a week.

6. For more deep cleansing of skin it is necessary to use the peeling means.

7. To clean face pores from the keratosic cages it is necessary to process 1-2 times a week leather srub.

8. After peeling and application of srub face skin needs to be processed sedative without alcohol content.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team