How to clean face skin

How to clean face skin

All main problems of skin arise because of its wrong cleaning. The polluted skin with the hammered time becomes covered by acne rash and irritations. Not to face similar problem, it is regularly necessary to do cleaning of face skin about the help of the means and methods suitable for your skin. The procedure of cleaning of skin can be performed as at home, and in salon.


  1. One of the checked methods – mechanical cleaning of skin. All process is divided into several stages, the initial stage of mechanical cleaning - peeling. During this procedure by means of srub, skin is softened and purified, the died-off scales peel and sebaceous glands are cleaned.
  2. Then, for opening of time, skin is steamed out. It becomes by means of the device which produces hot steam, or on skin impose special gel which is removed together with skin dirt rake. After time is open, the cosmetologist all available black dots and eels mechanically are removed.
  3. That skin has not inflamed, after the procedure apply medical means with various plant extracts on it. For normal skin the means containing propolis is recommended, and for fat apply iris zinc - extract which narrows pores.
  4. To activate exchange process in skin, to improve blood circulation and to narrow pores, by means of microcurrent carry out darsonvalization.
  5. The next stage of mechanical cleaning – drawing the mask having the pulling together and slightly drying effect. White clay will be most optimum for normal and oily skin, and seaweed – for sensitive.
  6. Mechanical cleaning comes to the end with putting anti-inflammatory cream which helps time to be narrowed, and to wounds – to heal. All procedure of cleaning lasts from 1 to 2 hours, regularity of its carrying out - each 2 months - for oily skin, each 4 months - for normal and each 6 months - for dry skin.
  7. There is other way of purification of leather by means of vacuum suction. Carry out by the device on the person, and he delicately takes contents of time. On skin there is no reddening left and irritations, but only superficial eels are cleaned for this reason many cosmetologists recommend this method as stage of mechanical cleaning of skin.
  8. Other, more modern way of purification of leather, consists in influence by ultrasound which breaks contents of time. This method has shortcoming – residues of dirt are hard removed outside therefore there can be inflammations on skin. According to cosmetologists, it is the best method of soft purification of sensitive leather. Applying this method of cleaning on excessively oily skin, it is not so strongly injured as at mechanical cleaning. Carry out ultrasonic cleaning twice more often than mechanical.
  9. The most delicate and very effective way of purification of leather – drawing fruit masks with glycolic acid. Such masks need to be put regularly. During the first course they are done to 4 times a week, and then repeated monthly.
  10. To carry out by nose zone; having finished the procedure it is necessary to process leather alcohol-containing lotion and to apply soft cream.

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