How to clean face skin from pimples

How to clean face skin from pimples

Some people face such problem as emergence on skin of pimples. These formations can deprive of the person of appeal, beauty, and the most important – health. The causes of the inflamed sites are various, for example, pimples can appear owing to the wrong skin care, from behind addictions and nervous breakdown.


1. First of all address the expert as pimples can be external manifestation of fungal or other disease. The doctor will take all necessary analyses, will carry out survey and, proceeding from the received results, will appoint complex treatment.

2. Choose the correct leaving for the person. First of all you have to pay attention to the type of skin (fat, dry or combined). At first clean face.

3. If you have dry skin, for clarification use glycerin soap. Also you can make the cleaning means independently, for this purpose take one tablespoon of starch, dilute with the same amount of cold water. In the received gruel pour in boiled water about a liter. Cool. Wash with this mix face daily.

4. If you have oily skin, for clarification use mask. That you are required to make it lemon, egg white and one tablespoon of vodka or alcohol. Mix all ingredients before receiving homogeneous mass. After that put mix on face for 15 minutes. At the end wash away warm water.

5. At the combined face skin make lotion for clarification of one egg yolk, half glass of cream, several drops of mint, bergamot, juice of lemon and 50 ml of vodka or alcohol.

6. After clarification moisten face. Means depends on your type of skin. For dry apply usual vegetable oil, for fat and combined use aloe juice.

7. To get rid of pimples reconsider the diet. Exclude harmful products (coffee, chips, carbonated drinks, etc.), use more fruit, vegetables. Have green tea. Refuse addictions. If you have no hypostases, drink not less than two liters of water a day.

8. To remove inflammation, use ice. For this purpose make camomile infusion and freeze it. Do this procedure daily.

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