How to clean hairbrush in house conditions

How to clean hairbrush in house conditions

Habit to keep the hair clean and to look after them is norm. Long ago it is not considered unusual to wash the head every day. But here seldom who will remember when he last time washed hairbrush. And by rules of personal hygiene this subject needs cleaning of times in 3-4 days. Take advice for easy clarification of hairbrush from hair, dandruff and fat raid.

Ways of clarification of hairbrush depend on material of which it is made and also from its form. At first it is necessary to depilate from hairbrush all. From brush they are moved away by means of any sharp object. Then start clarification of hairbrush from stuck to cloves of dirt and fat.

How to clean hairbrush from tree

The most difficult in leaving – wooden hairbrushes (combs and brushes). The tree can crack if to presoak such subject for a long time in water. The fat raid from wooden hairbrush can be cleaned with cotton tampon or the napkin moistened in spirit solution. Dirt will remain on napkin or cotton wool, and the hairbrush will begin to shine purity again.

Care for plastic hairbrush

It is possible to clean hairbrush from plastic, having wetted for half an hour in soap water. Use for this purpose usual hair shampoo. If pollution strong, add to water liquid ammonia at the rate of 1 tablespoon of means on 1 l of water. Residues of styling sprays, fat raid and dandruff will be dissolved, then the hairbrush needs just to be rinsed with clear flowing water and to dry up.

Care for iron hairbrush for hair

It is possible to clean the hairbrushes made of metal having washed soap water, then it is necessary to dry it. From moisture the cloves can rust, and already nothing will remain to you how just to throw out personal care product.

If cloves small and frequent (especially it concerns brushes with fibers) and dirt is not washed even after soaking, it is possible to clean such hairbrush by means of old toothbrush.

The hairbrush which combed out louses needs also to be disinfected. For this purpose it is possible to use spirit solution or solution of chlorine. But do not forget to rinse well after that such hairbrush in clear water.

And last council: without remorse throw out old hairbrushes if you used them more than a year. Buy new, not less functional and clean – your hair will please you with well-groomed look and healthy gloss.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team