How to clean skin pores

Skin pores are hammered not only dirt, but the devitalized epithelium and also fat also gets to them. The skin color becomes grayish, there are different rashes which worsen appearance. But at regular and correct personal care of these problems it is possible to avoid.


1. Twice a day wash special face treatment which deeply cleans pores, it is desirable that menthol was its part. So you not only will purify skin, but also to narrow pores. At constant use of such cosmetics the surface of skin will be leveled, the person will take fresh and healthy form. Do not forget to use also special tonic after washing.

2. Process leather srub – it will promote its updating and removal of the died-off epithelium. You carry out the procedure 2-3 times a week, being guided by skin type. For example, for owners of dry skin use of srub of times a week and at whom fat – every other day will be optimal variant.

3. Once a week do masks of clay. Dissolve it in warm water, and you put the received mix on face for 15 minutes. Then wash water and you apply the moisturizing cream. Clay extends pollution from time.

4. Not bad mix of table salt of fine crushing with soda in equal proportions cleans pores. If you have oily skin, then add also several drops of lemon juice. Apply mix to moist skin and slightly massage. Perhaps, this means concedes nothing to face scrub.

5. If you have strongly noticeable time, then buy means for microdermabrasion which can be applied in house conditions. Use it as it is written to instructions. It is desirable to carry out procedures with this means in the fall or in the early spring. If you have not found it in shops, address the cosmetologist. To you will carry out the procedure of clarification of time in salon.

6. Purify skin regularly, but not occasionally. It is simpler to warn problem, than then to eliminate it. In the flying the thicket can carry out the cleaning procedures, and here in winter season it is enough also 1 time a week.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team