How to clear skin of eels

How to clear skin of eels

Eels begin to appear on the face of teenagers in 11-12 years during puberty and deliver set of the unpleasant moments. If pimples occupy the big space, skin is painful and constantly appear new, then surely address the dermatologist who will appoint suitable treatment. However if eels appear incidentally, then it is possible to get rid of them independently.

It is required to you

  • - boron-timolovoye soap;
  • - srub;
  • - face pack;
  • - lotion on spirit basis.


1. Look after skin constantly, but not from time to time. Wash boron-timolovym soap. Soap it the person and pound foam sponge, at first slightly, and then pressing more and more. Leave the turned-out foam on skin for couple of minutes, and then wash away hot water. At the end of the procedure rinse face cold water. Repeat it daily.

2. After washing daily wipe face with spirit lotion. They are sold in cosmetic shops, but it is possible to prepare and most. Take two tablespoons of calendula, add 30 ml of cologne (triple best of all will be suitable for lotion), dilute mix of 40 ml of water and 1 g of glycerin. Solution has to infuse within several days, after that pour it in clean glasswares and wipe face.

3. Once a week do face peel. For this purpose steam out skin by means of steam bath. Apply on cotton pad shaving cream, baking soda and a little table salt. The turned-out srub clean face with circular motions from below up. Carefully wipe places where eels are most often formed: nose wings, forehead, chin.

4. The good result can achieve by means of masks. It is possible to prepare them and in house conditions. Prepare barmy mask. For this purpose take 3 teaspoons of yeast, dilute their 3% with hydrogen peroxide to consistence of sour cream. Put mask on face on ten – fifteen minutes, and then wash away strong infusion of tea and rinse face with cool water.

5. Often plentiful rash of eels signals about emergence of problems in organism therefore try to watch its general state. For prevention of appearance of acne rash the regular diet has huge value. Eat four times a day. Refuse spicy and greasy food, plentiful drink, farinaceous food. Eat as much as possible fermented milk products, fast meat, vegetables, fruit and black bread.

6. Follow the general rules of hygiene, play sports, lead active lifestyle. Sea and solar bathtubs give good effect.

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