How to close ears hair

How to close ears hair

If ears stick out, bulged or too big, then they bring upon the owner a lot of trouble. They need to be hidden, masked - word, to do everything that the defect so was not evident. And stylists have developed even number of hairstyles which can easily hide ugly ears.

It is required to you

  • - curling tongs.


  1. One of the most widespread ways to cover objectionable ears is that hair down have to be let. The main thing is to follow rules on hair care. They, first of all, have to be ideally cut, are always smoothly combed, to be brilliant and healthy by sight. Otherwise instead of improving the appearance by visual elimination of defect, you can make the shape unpleasant.
  2. Are not recommended to fill in that case hair for ears, to carry open and high hairstyles. In case hairstyle you short - that is have no opportunity hair to cover ears - use volume. Create it from sides. But consider the fact that ears at such hairstyle should not support contours of hair.
  3. Well the owner of ugly ears will suit hairstyle in style bean. It will cover ear to the middle, having hidden the most noticeable speakers of its part, and will look laconically and very accurately.
  4. If hair at you long, but thin - so that do not cope with problem of concealment of ears - that your rescue in curls. There is a lot of scope for your creativity and imagination. You can or daily wind to yourself curls by means of special nippers, hair curlers and irons. And you can make to yourself chemical wave. Anyway, your hair will receive the additional volume which will hide also your main defect - the bulged or large ears.
  5. Stylists assure: you will suit magnificent laying. The main thing that the hairstyle reached lobes of ears. However you remember that at very volume hairstyle your face can look a little flat. Therefore raise locks on the top.
  6. If you are lover of braids, then the bulged ears not occasion to refuse them. It is just necessary to observe certain technology of weaving. For this purpose begin weaving slightly below than nape so that upper part of hair quite freely covered ears. It will give to your hairstyle playfulnesses due to easy negligence. Just by the same principle also tails become. Tie up them approximately at the level of shoulders. Bunches or snails are resolved too, but only in the presence of several released locks framing face. It is possible even to cut off them specially. Do not forget to tighten up them a little inside.

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