How to collect hair in volume bunch

How to collect hair in volume bunch

The fashion is rather changeable, but, despite this, long female hair always remain out of competition. The dismissed curls are not really convenient therefore women often stack various hairstyles. The volume bunch can become one of classical daily hairstyles.

Volume bunch – fine option of furniture of long hair. This hairstyle gives to the woman stylish, elegant look. Besides it will perfectly help out in windy, rainy weather when no laying is able to keep original form. The hair collected in bunch will not scatter under wind gusts, and the appearance of the girl will remain accurate and well-groomed.

How to braid volume bunch

The bunch will be ideal for girls with oval shape of face. But also owners of roundish, triangular or square outlines of persons can try to collect hair in the considered way. The bunch suits bigger number of women as leaves the person open, favourably emphasizing all its lines.

For creation of this hairstyle of the house collect hair on the top of the head in hard horse tail. Comb hair up as it is possible more carefully that there is no sticking-out lock left or the beaten-out filaments. The hairstyle has to be smooth. Accurately comb the turned-out tail. To create additional volume, previously slightly comb hair at roots. On the top of tail put on thick elastic band. On sale there are even special elastic bands for creation of bunches. They are rather dense and wide. Accurately straighten locks of hair around elastic band, completely closing it. Wrap the remained tails around bunch, hiding under elastic band, and fix by invisible beings or small hairpins.

If desired decorate bunch with bows, flowers, rhinestones or other hairpins on your taste.

About volume bunch

This hairstyle is very universal. It will perfectly look at office during working everyday life, quickly giving to the owner business well-groomed look. If to braid bunch more freely, not too tightening hair, having allowed some locks to frame face - it is possible to create air romantic image which will be ideal for walk or appointment. The large role is played by accessories. Their total absence speaks about minimalistic addictions of the woman and about her desire to look strict and expressive. Flowers and big hairpins will give to image ease and some carelessness. For creation of evening hairstyle on the basis of bunch it is possible to use diadem, hairpins with beads or rhinestones. At the same time it is better to make bunch rather hard, but to allow several locks beautifully to frame face.

Anyway do not forget to use holding hairspray.

One more plus of this hairstyle - performance speed. It is fast way to put hair in order. To collect them in the described way, only several minutes will be required.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team