How to cope with dandruff by means of folk remedies

How to cope with dandruff by means of folk remedies

The most widespread problem of mankind with hair is dandruff. Not all also are not always helped by the advertized shampoos, and it is necessary to get rid of "snow" somehow. Sometimes more useful happens to remember natural (natural) ways of disposal of sensational problem. It is much more effective and much cheaper.

Before beginning fight, it is necessary to understand what to fight against. Dandruff is nothing but fungus! To health it does not bear any harm, but in conditions, favorable for itself(himself) begins active activity. The fungus is half of trouble, but it is helped by catalysts. The increased tension, avitaminosis, lack of selenium, reception hormone of the containing medicines, overcooling and also improper personal hygiene means can become them. The lowered immunity can be the most important reason of emergence of white flakes. The organism which was any more not valid fully to reproduce processes in organism, spends less resources which quantity is not enough for life of cages. Thereof they die and cover the head with "snow" which flies extensively at the slightest nervousness.

One more widespread problem of dandruff is dry skin. The organism simply lacks reviver for the processes, and in cages there is no water left and she dies. In this case the only way to restore structure of head skin is to fill balance of moisture. There are several points, following which the balance of moisture will return to normal.

  • Any carbonated drinks! Only clear mineral or boiled water in number of two liters a day.
  • Melt water will be fine means. It is not obligatory to buy expensive thawed in supermarkets. It is enough to freeze plain water, and then to allow it to thaw.
  • The daily limit of liquids has to be distributed unevenly. Two thirds have to be drunk since morning before the dinner. The remained third during the evening. It is one night better not to drink.
  • For a short time it is contraindicated to the people who have not got used to drink much to drink too much. Everything has to become gradually.

Modern shampoos contain various microelements and minerals improving blood circulation and food of hair from roots. Such means need to use long time, for short term to wait for results it is useless.

Except chemistry it is possible to address also national methods. Calendula tincture on alcohol or vodka perfectly helps to cope with trial head skin. It is necessary to apply it two – three times a week. About thirty minutes keep, and then it is carefully washed away by warm water.

  1. Nettle tincture in the ratio of one spoon on glass of boiled water softens head skin. To rub with infusion the head once a week. It is worth greasing for the night, and to wash with flowing water with shampoo in the morning.
  2. The way to rub the head with curdled milk is long since known. It is necessary to leave such mask on half of hour, and then to wash with cold water. It is possible to make mask of mustard later.
  3. Mix of yolk, juice of lemon and castor oil needs to be applied to skin in fifteen minutes prior to bathing.
  4. To boil thoroughly bark of oak and peel of onions in the same ratio in water within hour. To cover with such solution the head and to wait two hours. Then to wash away warm water. Also it is possible to add bottles of ethyl alcohol to solution. It dries up oily skin, without allowing fungus to breed in comfortable conditions.
  5. Burdock oil will be also excellent means. If desired it is possible to add egg yolk to it. To carry out the procedure only in the flying. Once a week to wash away warm water absolutely.

Nevertheless prevention of disease is much easier, than its treatment. For this purpose only it is necessary to eat properly. There is lot of articles on healthy nutrition and diets, following which will become not only it is more pleasant to live, but also the general state of health considerably will improve. The head needs to be covered both in the flying, and in the winter. It is easier to put on cap in the winter, than to sit with mask on the head in the flying and having muffled in towel. In the flying hair need to be protected from the sun. The burned-out hair do not protect head skin. It is necessary to exclude all cosmetic equipment for hair: hair dryers, irons, electric hair curlers.

To risk from desire to be attractive – modern mistake. Health is the most important that is in life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team