How to cope with dry hair

How to cope with dry hair

Dry hair look not really attractively. The reasons for which curls become such, set: the wrong leaving, frequent use of shampoos, excessively chlorinated water, dyes, drying phenom, long stay to the sun, poor nutrition, diseases connected with exchange processes in organism. How to help hair with such situation?

To try to cope with dryness of hair if it is not connected with diseases of internals, it is enough to follow simple recommendations. When there is suspicion that the reason is in any pathology, it is necessary to visit the doctor, first of all.

When your hair are too overdried, it is not necessary to wash the head daily. Regularly use soft shampoo or means for the injured hair.

Apply balms only for your type of hair and surely use them constantly.

Tips of the hair subject to dryness, usually suffer most of all. Therefore you go to hairdressing salon at least once a month to recover hair. If there is opportunity, then it is possible to straighten the ends and in house conditions.

At hair dressing try not to use electric devices: hair dryer, nippers, curling irons. To increase volume, wind curls on soft hair curlers or braid moist hair in braids.

Do not forget to protect hair from the sun and wind. You wear hats at all seasons of the year.

If you visit the pool, take away all hair under hat for swimming, previously having oiled them. It is necessary that the chlorinated water did not injure curls.

There is folk remedy with which it is possible to try to replace the moisturizing balm and which yields visible result. Try instead of the chosen cosmetics for dry hair to use mayonnaise. Take mask on the head from this product, however no more than 50 minutes. Then well wash hair with water of room temperature.

It is possible to prepare one more mask for hair from natural products. For this purpose very ripe banana and avocado will approach. Well knead them or miss via the meat grinder that gruel has turned out. Mix everything and cover with fruit mix the curls. You hold mask on hair no more than 25 minutes. After do not forget to wash hair with clear water well.

Usual beer will help to lay dry curls. It will add them gloss and elasticity. It is enough to spray this intoxicated drink on hair by means of spray and to allow them to dry out a little.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team