How to correct bite the adult

How to correct bite the adult

with the wrong bite begin to be solved usually since the childhood – at this time maxillary bone tissues are up to the end not created, and it is correct to move tooth alignment much more simply. At the adult person it is difficult to correct bite - quite long-term, stage-by-stage treatment is necessary. If for any of several reasons you had had shift of teeth and deformation of bones of jaw, address the competent orthodontist.

It is required to you

  • - consultation with the orthodontist;
  • - picture and mold of jaw;
  • - seals, crowns and other methods of sanitation of oral cavity;
  • - special orthodontic slips;
  • - surgery (in difficult cases).


  1. Address for consultation the orthodontist. Most likely, x-rays and plaster cast of jaw will be necessary for you. If necessary to you will suggest to sanify oral cavity and to put gums in order if they are sick. Prosthetics of strongly destroyed teeth, installation of implants and other can precede work on bite. Stock up with patience – only when you heal all teeth, the orthodontist will give the scheme of correction of bite.
  2. It is possible to correct anomalies of bite by means of removable devices. It can be special orthodontic plates from plastic which you should carry certain time. They can help separate teeth to rise correctly, to change width of the sky and to cope with some other private problems of maxillofacial complex.
  3. The doctor can prescribe you treyner — devices which cope with various formed bite problems. They are soft, and it is possible to get used to them quickly (especially as they are usually put on only before going to bed).
  4. Other option of orthodontic slips are silicone caps. You can carry them, without hesitating – they are almost invisible, and can be removed (of course, only by doctor's advice) during toothbrushing and meal.
  5. Remember that it is senseless to use removable devices if you have difficult deformation of bite. Orthodontists emphasize that their action is limited. At the developed anomalies not to do you without traditional briquettes and wire arches.
  6. Study information on breket-systems that to you was what to be guided at conversation with the doctor by. There are vestibular briquettes – you will carry them from outer side of teeth. They are cheaper, but will be noticeable to people around. If you do not wish to show the orthodontic problems, be going to fork up on lingvalny briquettes. They will lay down on inside of teeth, and you will be able to keep treatment in secret.
  7. Fulfill all requirements of the experienced orthodontist. Only he will be able individually to pick up to you slip which will record your teeth and will set the necessary direction of their movement. Briquettes need to be carried, without removing! The doctor can only modify system on the treatment course, or immediately replace it in case of unsticking or breakage.
  8. At last, surgery on correction of bite can be necessary for you. It is connected with very serious deformations of jaw. Here various medical manipulations on medical indications can be already carried out – from movement of teeth to chin plastics.

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