How to correct bite without doctors

How to correct bite without doctors

to each person it is allowed to have by nature equal teeth and beautiful smile. Of course, without participation of the doctor in correction of bite of effect it is possible to achieve only minimum. But nevertheless ways exist.

Independent straightening of teeth in house conditions

The folk remedies helping to correct bite in house conditions practically do not exist today. In ancient times some experiments were made, but they have not given positive effects.

One of the known ancient ways of straightening of teeth is shaking by their thread. At the same time on the head to the patient put saucer with water. But, as afterwards it has appeared, it was only the way of deception of prosperous people for the purpose of enrichment. And method, it is necessary to tell, rather wild as brings lot of unpleasant pain. Anyway independent straightening of teeth by means of any objects can threaten human health with serious consequences.

Exercises for correction of bite

Physical exercises for correction of bite – the most reliable and safe way of alignment of teeth. There is set of exercises developed by stomatologists. It can be carried out to house conditions without effort. But it is necessary to carry out exercises regularly, but not periodically, only then they will give the maximum effect in alignment of teeth. For children and teenagers at whom the jaw is not completely created this way will be the most productive. Performance of daily set of exercises for children has to be controlled by their parents. It is necessary to carry out each exercise on 2-3 times a day. 1. Widely open mouth. Then, observing rhythm, close and open mouth short abrupt movements.2. Tip of language concern the sky. In such situation advance language back until you can move it. Later, holding language, rhythmically close and open mouth. 3. On palm of any hand put chin, the hand elbow at this moment has to be on table. Further you pass to serial opening and closing of mouth, but with respect for one nuance: the head, but not the lower jaw has to take part in movements. The efficiency will be higher if to carry out exercises not 2-3, but five or six once a day. It is daily necessary to give to eat, for example, to jaws loading firm products and vegetables. To hope that exercises for correction of bite will be done by teeth ideally equal, silly. It is necessary to treat them as to preventive measures which effectiveness is small. If you have decided to try this method of correction of bite, then consult to the dentist all the same best of all. Sometimes, that people just forget to carry out exercises daily. In this case treyner - devices can be useful to correction of teeth. They can be got in any drugstore or specialized shop. Perfectly they are suitable and for correction of bite in house conditions.

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