How to correct hair color

How to correct hair color

If the result of coloring of hair has surprised you or has even disappointed, you should not run in shop behind the next packing of hair-dye. Repeated coloring can injure so hair that they will become dry and fragile, will lose the beauty. There are several ways of correction of unsuccessful hair color.


  1. If as a result of coloring the hair have turned out is lighter, than you wanted it, it is possible to use coloring shampoos and balms to give to hair the necessary shade. Or to apply on hair resistant paint for 5-10 minutes that color became more dark and saturated - such what you want. Here the main thing is not to overdo paint on hair that color did not become too dark.
  2. If you have solved from the brunette to be recolouredof in the blonde, then foreknow that you are waited by many difficulties. Dark hair hardly give in to decolorization and furthermore hair with strong natural pigment. Do not decolour hair in house conditions not to give up as a bad job the fine head of hear. It is better to do this procedure at the checked hairdresser who for certain will advise you to begin transformation into the blonde with frequent highlighting. If you want to correct results of unsuccessful clarification of hair - to remove yellowness and to give to hair natural shade - use bezammiachny paints or tonics of such shades as pearl, sand. The yellowness is well neutralized by violet coloring balms. Ashy shades can give to the decoloured hair greens.
  3. Special removers will help to correct too dark hair color after coloring. They though are sold in specialized shops by everything without restriction, nevertheless it is better to do the procedure of remover in salon as, perhaps, you need not one causing structure on hair to wash away your color. Minuses of remover are that it spoils hair. Alternative of chemical remover for hair - house masks with oils (burdock, olive, vegetable, castoric) which extend the painting pigments from structure of hair, gradually returning to hair natural color and also force and beauty. This way of correction of color longer. Also do not forget that color even of resistant paint grows dull over time and is washed away therefore, perhaps, you should not panic so strongly, and it is better to take and wait until paint itself is washed away from hair.
  4. If you nevertheless categorically do not accept color of coloring, it is possible to try to give to hair beautiful shade by means of bezammiachny dyes which are less aggressive or by means of coloring shampoos. These means are quickly washed away, but do not spoil hair as resistant paints. The main thing is condition of hair. Even if you by long searches of color will find at last , but at the same time your hair will look awfully - dry, lifeless as if straw, believe, to look at themselves in mirror will not give you any pleasure.

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