How to correct hairstyle

How to correct hairstyle

Unsuccessfully done hair is capable to spoil mood to any person. But after all try to be upset not really, almost all errors can be corrected if your stylist the professional, and you the creative person.


  1. Try to tell precisely the master what hairstyle you want to see on the head. Take with yourself the picture or the magazine where such hairstyle can be seen personally.
  2. If you precisely have decided on type of hairstyle, do not agree to arrangements and proposals of the hairdresser to make something else. So in case of failure you will not take offense at the master.
  3. You do not hurry to declare hairstyle unsuccessful. Perhaps, you just have not got used to it, and hair have not adapted to new conditions. Therefore there is sense to wait some time finally to be convinced of what has turned out unsuccessfully.
  4. Ask opinion of close people. If your relatives, girlfriends and darling are delighted, look narrowly at hairstyle once again - perhaps, you have underestimated it and you needed such change of image.
  5. If your thought of failure of hairstyle remained invariable, try to find mutual understanding with the stylist again, give it the chance to correct error.
  6. Unsuccessful hairstyle the easiest anew perestrich, having truncated length. And if it is impossible to truncate hair, try various ways of laying: change location and the direction of hair parting, twist or extend hair, raise them at roots by means of varnishes or mousses. You can also lay "needles" by means of wax.
  7. Use rims, hairpins and clips, especially if the bang is spoiled – it cannot usually be corrected.
  8. If hair began to look very fine and liquid, it is possible to correct this impression, using cosmetics which give to hair volume and thicken them.
  9. Paint too "thin" hairstyle, especially successfully multi-color highlighting which does hair of more volume visually.
  10. Excessively accurate caret can be corrected accurate tapering, having made locks uneven.
  11. If highlighting is made too roughly, it is easy to correct it, having once again painted over locks more dark tone.
  12. As a last resort, you can make hair extension. The procedure this expensive, but not really difficult and not pernicious for structure of hair. Here professionalism of the master, quality materials and good care in the subsequent are important.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team