How to correct shape of nails

How to correct shape of nails

The shape of nails is usually selected depending on the structure of hand and nails. Besides, the woman's profession, and also her preferences is considered. To define what shape of nails suits you, it is possible just to experiment or go to beauty shop.

1. If your professional activity is directly connected with children, with medicine or with cookery, then preference should be given to rounded shape of nail plate. It is necessary to consider that such form obliges you to go with short nails, length of free part should not be more than 2 millimeters. If nails are longer, then they will accurately not look. Besides, experts consider that this form most of all suits girls who have thin fingers and long. It is possible to give to half moon outline nail by means of usual nail file.

2. If you have full fingers, then you should give preference to square shape of marigold. For this purpose saw round free edge of nail in a straight line, and execute tips so that the square has turned out. If you have rather wide nails, then make them a little already. Give them outlines of trapeze which is gradually narrowed to tip of nail plate. You can make nail corners on your taste. It is possible to round off a little them, and it is possible to leave them sharp.

3. Girls with long fingers most of all suit oval nails. However and all other women can safely choose to themselves such form. To give to nail plate such outlines, you saw it from each of two sides towards each other. Periodically you look whether the turned-out width suits you. If is not present, then continue to narrow further on both sides nail.

4. The pointed form of nail plate suits girls with narrow, accurate hand. For this purpose saw round nail before giving of triangular shape. On the center of nail plate the acute angle has to be located. Beauty of manicure is directly proportional to nail length.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team