How to correct shape of the head

How to correct shape of the head

woman is whimsical and is always dissatisfied with something and looks for in herself shortcomings. To someone can the legs, waist, lips or shape of the head are not pleasant. At the same time it is possible to correct shape of the head by means of the corresponding hairstyle and make-up, without resorting to expeditious or surgical intervention.


  1. Girls with oval shape of the head will suit any hairstyle. Such form is considered ideal. You can carry long or short hair, do any hairstyles and experiment with different flowers.
  2. If you have round shape of the head, then you will suit hairstyles with volume from above. It will be able visually to make your person thinner. Comb bang on one party better. Do not cover completely forehead - it will make your person even more round. Extend face, due to decrease in volume of cheeks. Apply on cheeks with round big brush dark powder, and then it is ruddy on cheekbones – in the form of triangle. Thus, your person will seem visually already.
  3. If your shape of the head in form reminds square, then in the hairstyle place emphasis on forehead. It will help to raise it visually as much as possible. Soften corners of the person, you will be helped with it by toning of corners of the lower jaw dark powder and dark blush which needs to be applied on the cheekbones in the form of triangle extended to temples.
  4. To correct oblong shape of the head, add the volume of locks in the area of cheekbones and also place emphasis on bang. All this will help to expand and truncate face visually. Powder dark powder upper area of forehead and the lower site of chin. Apply blush horizontally on the middle of cheeks.
  5. If you possess pear-shaped shape of face, then you need to have hair cut so that the head top had bigger volume of hair. At the same time locks of hair on cheeks should not be volume at all, and it is better that they there were not at all. It will visually increase forehead therefore your shape of the head will become more perfect.
  6. If you have diamond-shaped shape of face, then you will suit hairstyles which as much as possible will open the line of cheekbones. It will create additional volume on the line of forehead and chin. Shade dark powder everything speakers of part of the face and apply blush on front area of cheeks, without affecting cheekbone.
  7. The person who reminds heart in form it is necessary to frame with beautiful soft locks. Best of all divide bang into two parts one equal hair parting. Slightly open the center of forehead. Allocate with dark powder of whisky, sharp part of chin and cheekbone, blush apply in the form of rhombus on the front surface of cheeks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team