How to correct stoop

How to correct stoop

wrong bearing delivers array of problems while the beautiful and slim silhouette causes enthusiastic views. To have beautiful bearing – guarantee of health. For this purpose it is enough to conform to several rules and to behave constantly in tone.

It is required to you

  • Dumbbells, book


  1. To get rid of stoop you need to strengthen breast muscles. Do exercises every morning. Carry out exercises, using dumbbells. Pick up dumbbells and get up on halfbent legs, then incline the body forward. On breath you part hands in the parties, and on exhalation you reduce back. This exercise will strengthen breast muscles that will allow you to hold bearing and to get rid of stoop.
  2. If you want to have beautiful and slim silhouette, then you need to strengthen press muscles because they directly influence bearing. Lay down on back, extend hands along body, then lift and lower legs up down. Thus, you strengthen the lower and upper muscles of stomach. When you sit at table, try to hold back directly. In waist you have to have small deflection, hands are held on table. First it will be inconvenient to you to sit in such pose, but over time muscles will get used to such position of body.
  3. Muscles of back experience big strain during the day owing to what there can be waist pain. To avoid it, it is necessary to strengthen waist muscles. Lay down facedown, extend hands along body, then begin to lift and lower legs. This exercise for want of habit will be exigeant for you, but over time you get used. Remember that it is possible to achieve great result only in case you carry out all exercises constantly. Already after a while you will feel noticeable improvement.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team