How to cover nails with gel polish independently

How to cover nails with gel polish independently

Gel polish (sometimes it is called shellac, on company name) is the real rescue for the busy modern woman, the covering keeps about two weeks, keeping at the same time great appearance. This service is offered now by almost all beauty shops, but for the purpose of economy it is possible to make house covering independently. For this purpose special materials and skill of putting varnish which each woman has will be required.

It is required to you

  • UF-lamp (for house use it is enough to buy small lamp), bonder, transparent gel polish which is used both as basis, and as upper covering, color gel polish, soft fine-grained file for nails, special liquid for removal of upper layer (it is possible to use usual alcohol or vodka), cotton pads, special liquid for gel polish removal.


1. Preparation of nails. To process cuticle or to remove it wooden stick. To process nail plate soft merkozernisty nail file that it became slightly opaque. To degrease, having wiped with the cotton pad moistened with alcohol. It is necessary for the best coupling of nail with material.

2. To cover nail with bonder. He acts by the principle of bilateral adhesive tape, that is "sticks together" the surface of nail with gel polish. To allow bonder to dry several minutes.

3. To apply basic layer of transparent gel polish on nails of one hand, except thumb. To place in lamp for 2-3 minutes. It is more convenient "to light" nails on thumbs separately, at once on both hands.

4. To accurately apply color gel polish, having receded millimeter from cuticle. Also to place in lamp for 2-3 minutes. Translucent varnish can be applied in one layer opaque — in 2-3 layers, drying up each layer under lamp. In the course of all procedure it is impossible to touch nails.

5. To cover with transparent gel polish, again to place in lamp for 2-3 minutes. Then to wet cotton pad special liquid or alcohol and to process nails. (Professionals call it removal of sticky layer). And faultless manicure is ready! Nails do not need additional drying, are not greased and not erased.

6. In two-three weeks, gel polish needs to be removed. Usual liquid for varnish removal will not help you with it, it is necessary to get special. The technology is quite simple: to wet liquid small piece of cotton pad, to put to nail plate and to wrap foil. In 30-40 minutes the covering will begin to peel off.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team