How to cover nails with shellac in house conditions

How to cover nails with shellac in house conditions

Manicure is one of components of image of the woman, but not always it turns out to do it. The covering shellac can become way out. Shellac is resistant covering which keeps up to three weeks on nails. Manicure by means of this covering can be made also in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • UF-lamp, orange stick, nail file, electric manicure set (it is possible to do also without it), sponges, degreaser, base, color covering of shellac, top, liquid for removal of sticky layer, oil for cuticle.


1. We process nail. We give to nail the necessary form and length. We delete or remove cuticle stick. Then it is necessary to grind all nail so that it became equal (it is possible to use nail file or manicure set electric).

2. When all nails are processed, we degrease nail plate, it is necessary for the best coupling of nail with shellac.

3. Then we start direct putting shellac. At first we cause base in one thin layer, we dry in the UF-lamp 1 minute. If surplus has got on skin around nail, then we remove stick before we dry in lamp.

4. Then we cover with color shellac in 2 layers, we dry each of which 2 minutes.

5. And the last step in drawing, color covering we cover with top in 1 layer and we dry 3 minutes.

6. After the top has dried, the nail remains sticky, for this purpose it is necessary to take sponge and to apply liquid for removal of sticky layer on it and just to wipe nail. At the same time the covering will become glossier.

7. Last stage of all process. We oil all skin around nail, first it will be feed to your marigold and secondly marigold will have healthier appearance.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team