How to cramp nail

How to cramp nail

Happens that on leg thumb the nail grows keen edge into pulp of finger and causes quite severe pain generally when walking. Folk remedies help to get rid of this illness. It is possible to resort to advice of the great doctor of antiquity Avicenna living about 980 — 1037 years.


1. With onset of the illness - emergence of the grown nail when still pain and inflammation are insignificant, can help you simple treatment: first - wearing comfortable footwear which has front part quite wide that considerably will reduce pressure upon sore finger of foot, and secondly - walking barefoot or in footwear with open nose when your fingers are free. Also it is necessary to refuse short hairstyle of nail which only strengthens its growing and deformation at all. The close-cut nail should be filed on corners, without leaving keen edges, irritating the skin which. To kill pain and to reduce inflammation and puffiness it is possible by means of daily baths with salty warm water, they will soften nail and will soften skin around it. It is possible to level the grown nail by means of mix of lime and arsenic, from such lotion the nail becomes quite soft and it can easily be cut off with application of scalpel or sharp knife, having given it the necessary form. The good softening means — cypress gum which is imposed on nail plate as bandage. Also apply linen seed or mutton fat which for several days is tied to nail plate.

2. If the nail cannot be leveled or cured, then it is necessary to delete it. For this purpose, it originally nail root so that large amount of blood has followed. Further tie to nail plate for the whole day pounded garlic which it is necessary to change within a day at least two times. After these procedures the sore nail has to fall off.

3. Also good means for data of nail is considered olive oil to which add the sulfur pounded with fat, this mix impose as bandage on sore nail. Still the buttercup or mix of mistletoe with oak and also with arsenic and the Spanish front sights belong to strong means of data of nail. In this mix surely add vinegar and regularly put to nail plate for several days. And here the bandage from arsenic and vinegar with addition of yellow sulfur and pitch of terpentinovy tree needs to be carried constantly, changing approximately once a week.

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