How to create bearing

How to create bearing

bearing is what draws attention. The person with direct back looks not only gracefully and beautifully, but also makes impression successful and successful.


  1. However most of people do not watch themselves and go with the shoulders lowered forward. And if men still can afford it, then the woman is not present any more. Many reasons result in stoop, among them there is following: 1. Sedentary life. If you work at office at the computer and do not watch how you sit, wait not only round-shouldered back, but also backbone.2 curvature. Lack of sport. Here it is about loading which is received by muscles during sports activities. Including back muscles which come to tone. And it means that it is directly much simpler to hold back. If sports loadings are absent, it too negatively influences bearing.3. Too high growth or big breast. Many girls whom the nature has endowed with these qualities begin to stoop to hide the advantages. You should not do it. In this case it looks not only ugly, but also harms spin.4. It is not recommended to carry weights, for example, heavy bags too. 5. Psychological problems which press on the person because of what he begins to stoop. Or because of appearance complexes, the stoop appears too.
  2. The most widespread way to correct bearing, it to rise to wall. To nestle shoulders, buttocks and heels. To depart from wall and to remember this situation. To let to muscles know how has to be. Or to put the book on the head and to go on the apartment, without dropping the book.
  3. For people who will see off time at the computer much there is special warm-up for office employees.1 too. Get up because of table and rotate the head, to the left, to the right. 2. Rotate shoulders forward and back, several times. 3. Rotate hands. 4. Fall down and just relax, hang for a while so several seconds. To-headed pomotayta as though you speak yes, and then no.5. Bend to the right and to the left, from waist. Make such exercises several times, for the working day. Also do not forget the most important rule: the beautiful bearing depends only on you. Always you watch yourself and you remember that the back has to be straight line, shoulders are lowered back, the chin is raised also breast forward. You should not hide the advantages or to show how many on you has pulled hard problems. Have straightened back and forward, the winner on life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team