How to create manicure with effect of craquelure

How to create manicure with effect of craquelure

The concept "craquelure" is familiar to many needlewomen that means peculiar effect of attrition and small cracks on surface. Today the wide color range of various varnishes is produced, to pick up the necessary shade - business of several minutes.


1. It should be noted that the craquelure differs in the properties, namely: to the size, width of cracks thanks to which it is possible to receive absolutely different end result. Many young ladies like to use the varnish with effect of craquelure imitating snakeskin, or varnish after drying of which, the nail plate takes form of ancient porcelain. Manicure with similar effect can be executed not only in salon. In the presence of all necessary materials and time it is possible to become the owner of fashionable marigold and in the conditions of the house.

2. It to be necessary for manicure for you: the basis, is better transparent, but is applicable also opaque, color varnish of desirable shade, varnish with effect craquelure and also about 20 minutes of free time. Apply on nails transparent varnish basis which will smooth all possible roughnesses of nail plate and will give to work accuracy. After basis apply color varnish, it can be any shade at will, but it should be taken into account that it will be background when drawing craquelure. If varnish slightly transparent, is recommended to put repeatedly several layers and to wait for drying. When color varnish has dried, we pass to drawing craquelure. It should be noted the main requirements to work with such varnish: first of all the fact that the craquelure quickly dries cannot be put varnish coat repeatedly in several layers, it will spoil effect of cracks. What more you will put craquelure with, especially cracks will be wide, at easy drawing crack will become hardly noticeable, reminding lace more. When work dries up, complete it transparent varnish basis.

3. Technology of execution of this type of manicure is rather simple, and the result looks magically. If desired it is possible to execute manicure in different color scheme, combining various shades of varnish. In the coming season such type of manicure is favourite of most of fashionistas.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team