How to create new image

How to create new image

, looking in mirror, we are dissatisfied with ourselves. Appearance, habits and lifestyle – everything irritates and causes melancholy. Everything wants to be changed and to begin anew. Change of image will bring new shades in your everyday life, and can change it to the best.


  1. Before creating new image, it is necessary to think over properly what it will be. It is possible to take the sheet of paper and in details to describe all qualities, characteristics and appearance which you want to create. To create absolutely new image which will cardinally differ from existing, can be quite difficult. But the bulk of people also does not need it, it is enough to correct some moments this image, to slightly change clothes style and behavior. Creation of new image is not only changes in appearance. The person has to feel, first of all, comfortable and confidently in him. You should not forget that creation of new image will demand from you constant self-checking not to return to old behavior.
  2. The image of the positive optimist is not combined with eternal moaning and complaints to vital difficulties. You will need to master elements of positive thinking. Smile and good mood – now your constant satellites. Rejoice to each new day and be adjusted on positive. On the question "How Are You Doing?" there is only one answer now: "Everything is excellent!". You can decide on several images at once: everyone for certain place, time or specific people. However it is constant to get used to everyone – difficult thing, and it will be mastered by only uncommon artistic natures.
  3. The image of the ideal wife and hostess of the house assumes hospitality, hospitality and pies on table. Hair curlers, the dissatisfied person, complaints to the inattentive husband and disobedient children are categorically contraindicated! Begin with small: replace sad home clothing with things of brighter coloring, master preparation of new unusual dish and invite guests to estimate your culinary creation. And the most important – it pay more attention to the family, they are the dearest and close people in your life. Decorate family evenings with interesting occupations and new traditions (board games, evening walks, thematic dinners).
  4. You want to look glamourous, stylish, and it is tightened – sport, the fashion and beauty shops have to become your best friends. This image will need to be supported constantly, with worn out, though hotly favourite sneakers and old dressing gown it is necessary to say goodbye. Surely update clothes and you descend in sunbed. Everything depends only on you and from that how strongly you are eager to let in "wind of change" own life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team