How to create service jacket with spangles

How to create service jacket with spangles

Most often girls stop on the French manicure. It is simple, elegantly refined – such manicure always remains at the peak of popularity! Of course, there is also festive option of service jacket – with spangles. Only as it is correct to do it?

Of course, begin with preparation of your nails. Make bath, process cuticle, pay attention free edges of nails – their form can be any, here already solve! Further degrease nails (take special solution). Cause the main tone (pink, pastel, transparent). Better in two layers. Put droplet of white acrylic, smear on the edge in the form of smile. It is better to use cliche that it has turned out accurater. But if you work with gel polishes, then act without cliches – draw.

Now apply transparent gel on the dried-out marigold, fill on tips of nails of spangle. It is better to fill brush not to be overzealous. Apply from above transparent varnish to set result.

It is, perhaps, the most popular way to create service jacket with spangles. And it is possible to use brilliant varnish. Ready structures which contain microdust are on sale. Therefore you should not carry out manipulations with cliches. It is enough to you to process tips of nails varnish of right color and to set result. And it is possible just to mix varnish with spangles.

If you do manicure by gel polish, then your operations procedure will look as follows: at first process nails, then cover them with base. Further extend marigold with the help tips or forms (if they at you short in itself). Dry marigold in ultra-violet lamp. Cause primary color, dry, apply white tone on tips of nails, fill up with spangles, dry (to dry no more than a minute!). Set result. Generally, such method a little in what differs, but with gel polishes the skill is necessary. At the slightest mistake it is necessary to remove all gel polish and to begin all manipulations anew.

As you can see, it is rather simple to create more festive service jacket. Combining different colors and the sizes of spangles, you will be able to create improbable effects – your marigold can "be wrapped up with snow" or shine with bright patches of light. Experiment, train, then each time you will be able to create more and more interesting options of design of nails!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team