How to cure nails after building

How to cure nails after building

Nails after building become fragile, dim and cease to grow. Usually it happens because of penetration of molecules of material for building deep into of nail plate and process of preliminary processing of nail. It is possible to restore their health within 2-3 weeks. If not to pay attention to the restoring procedures, not the fact that after growth they will be healthy and equal.


1. Daily do baths of sea salt. Add 1-2 tablespoons of salt on liter of water and you keep handles of minutes 15-20 in saving bath. Salt is rich with natural mineral substances which well get deep into nail plate and supply it with all necessary.

2. Several times a week wipe nails with natural lemon juice or plastic of the fruit. Do not use citric acid, it does not have vitamins B. You can use grapefruit. Cut it in half and ship marigold in pulp. One fruit will be enough for two procedures.

3. Rub in nail plate for the night burdock or castor oil. At regular use the nails will begin to grow quickly, their gloss and health will be restored. Oil cannot be replaced with any hand and nail cream, it works much more effectively.

4. Accept calcium and phosphorus. You can buy beer yeast with these substances or complex of vitamins and minerals. Cod-liver oil also improves condition of nails and provokes their growth.

5. In drugstores and shops, special coverings which promote improvement of nails are on sale. If you have time to be engaged in coating application daily, use it. It dries usually quickly and adds gloss to marigold.

6. Hairdressing salons render services in health recovery of nails. Do special baths, apply dirt and other substances. If near your house or on the way for work there is such salon, ask for the help them. The cost of procedures equals on average to the manicure price, can slightly above, but the positive effect appears very quickly.

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