How to cure pimples on the face

How to cure pimples on the face

Pimples or acne - disease which is suffered not only by teenagers. Very often unpleasant red hillocks and black dots appear on skin of the person both in twenty five, and in thirty, and in forty years. The reasons for that can be a little. And in most cases after clarification of the reason of appearance of pimples they manage to be cured.

Pimples at teenagers most often arise because of hormonal reorganization. Maturing, the organism begins to produce more sweat, its players are changed, and sebaceous glands do not cope with the task. They are clogged, tiny openings are corked that creates environment, favorable for reproduction of bacteria. The inflamed sites, pimples with pus are formed inside. It is possible to fight with them in several ways which are the best of all for combining.

Face care should be begun with reduction of skin oiliness. For this purpose perfectly alcohol-containing lotions will approach. It is necessary to wipe with them face twice a day, surely using blank cotton pad. If the face skin combined is also dry sites, then it is necessary to apply lotion only on the inflamed places.

The second what it is necessary to take care of - otkuporka of time. With these various srubs not bad cope. But they can be used only for elimination of black dots. To apply srub on the inflamed sites of skin, pimples it is impossible at all. After such procedure the pathogenic bacteria will extend on all surface of skin, and pimples will become only more. The inflamed sites it is necessary to treat steam bath. For this purpose in pan one and a half-two liters of water are poured, herbs - camomile, train, celandine are ready. They will help to remove inflammation and will reduce skin oiliness. Herbs should allow to infuse ten-fifteen minutes. After that the head needs to be inclined over pan and to be covered with towel. To wait ten minutes. Time will reveal, and it will be possible to squeeze out pimples easily. It is worth deleting only those which easily leave. If the purulent sack becomes torn inside at expression, then the infection to extend on all site of skin around. After the pimple is removed, this place should be wiped with spirit lotion.

In case there is a lot of pimples, you should not risk with independent cleaning. It is better to address the cosmetologist.

Various masks having clay and zinc in structure help to eliminate inflammation. It is possible to make them independently. In drugstore to buy dry blue or white clay, to dilute it with broth of camomile, train, celandine, to add a little peroxide of hydrogen and talc. These ingredients will help to cope with the bacteria influencing formation of pimples. It is necessary to do such masks two-three times a week. To hold on face mix before drying, and then to wash away warm water.

Instead of spirit lotion it is possible to use fresh leaf scarlet. For this purpose it is necessary to cut off thick leaf from stalk and it is accurate, by means of knife, to halve it. To wipe with pulp the inflamed skin.

The third what it is worth remembering - healthy nutrition. Greasy food and also the fast food and products containing chemical additives and amplifiers of taste - chips, sweet sparkling water, multi-colored dragees, etc., have negative impact on condition of skin. The quantity of pimples increases, often they have the allergic nature. That is it is necessary to treat them by means of antihistaminic medicines - gels and ointments. At adult age the metabolic disorder can also cause increase in amount of skin fat that too becomes the reason of appearance of pimples. If the person is more than twenty five years old, such hormonal jumps can speak about serious problems with health. It is necessary to consult the doctor-endocrinologist. He will register treatment - tablets, ointments, powders. At the same time it is necessary to visit also the dermatologist. As only complex treatment will help to fix problem forever.

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