How to cut bang in house conditions

How to cut bang in house conditions

One of the most available ways to change the appearance is to cut bang. For each shape of face there will be the type of hairstyle. Some have constant opportunity to visit stylists and hairdressers. And others ask question how to cut bang in house conditions? It is not so difficult, and the house procedure will save money and time.

It is required to you

  • - scissors with thin and fine edges;
  • - if desired thinning shears;
  • - hairbrush with frequent teeths;
  • - mirror;
  • - good lighting.


  1. At first it is necessary to divide hair into future bang and the main part. The bulk of hair has to be removed that in process accidental not to be cut off. We take away long hair in bunch or tail, and short we fix by rim.
  2. We sprinkle hair water very little from spray that they were not fluffy. You should not wet strongly hair in the first hairstyle. If to cut strongly moistened hair, then, having dried up them, it is possible to be surprised to result. Remember that when hair will dry, they will rise. It needs to be considered, choosing bang length.
  3. Having well combed hair, divide them into 3 equal parts. Well comb each part in different directions. This procedure will not allow to disappear to any hair.
  4. We separate small lock from the right or left part of future bang. It needs to be clamped fingers and to extend forward. Now it is necessary to shear hair on are necessary level. It is impossible to hold scissors perpendicular to lock at all, otherwise the cut will turn out arch. It is correct to hold scissors at an angle about 45 degrees. Hair are cut off not all at once, and little by little. All process is repeated with each lock, the bang will not appear yet.
  5. Now, when length is determined, it is necessary to straighten untrimmed hairs. For this purpose well comb bang and cut off long hairs. here it is already possible to hold scissors directly.
  6. At the last stage of hairstyle it is necessary to wet hair and it is good to comb. Now we press hair to forehead and we watch, whether all as it should be. If any sites are executed crookedly, then carefully we straighten them. But too we are not fond of this business, otherwise it is possible to reduce bang length.
  7. If there are scissors for tapering, then tonsure them the ends of bang. Then it will become more air and easy.
  8. We dry hair with application of hairbrush. The last time is looked through whether there are no beaten-out long hairs on bang. If they are, then carefully we cut them. If is not present, then you could cut bang in house conditions independently.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team