How to cut caret on leg

How to cut caret on leg

The caret is that hairstyle which will always be fashionable at many thousands of women. The charm of this hairstyle is that there are many types of this hairstyle so for any type of appearance it is possible to pick up the most suitable. Depending on laying this hairstyle can be daily or evening. At the same time she is happy is ordinary in leaving.

It is required to you

  • Hairdresser's scissors direct and tapering, hairbrush, clips (hairpins), the hair dryer for laying, spray for water.


  1. Caret on leg — one of types of this remarkable hairstyle. The person who has not enough experience in hairdresser's business as the technology of this hairstyle is happy will even be able to cope with it it is simple. It is considered that the caret on leg goes more to brunettes as usually hair at them to thickness therefore lie in such hairstyle better. Though the professional master can make to make such hairstyle on any hair.
  2. The first that needs to be made before hairstyle, is to wash up hair and to wring out them towel. Hair have to be damp, but not wet. Well comb the washed-up hair. Divide the head into four zones: for this purpose carry out vertical and horizontal hair partings through the middle of the head. By means of clips pin up the turned-out zones.
  3. Now it is possible to start hairstyle. Remove clips from occipital zones. Carry out horizontal hair parting at the level of ears. Record upper part of hair by means of hairpins or clips. Cut the lower part in the form of the cape. Then through 1 — 2 cm separate hair one more horizontal row, fix upper hair by clip, lower cut as last time, but doing them is slightly shorter. Continue to carry out this sequence of actions, you will not reach the line of ears yet. It is possible to profile nape that it looked more accurately.
  4. From the remained nape hair separate part by means of horizontal hair parting. Cut off on that length which you would would like to have behind. It will be the basic line of caret. Then through 1 — 2 cm separate some more hair, cut them at the level of previous. Do so, yet do not issue all nape hair.
  5. Now it is necessary to cut whisky. Exempt from clip hair on the one hand. Make horizontal hair parting through 1 — 2 cm from edge of growth of hair, again fix the most part by hairpin. Cut the remained hair, extending or rounding off them to the person. Again separate number of hair 1 — 2 cm wide, cut at the same level, as the previous hair. Similarly issue all temporal zone. On the other hand make the same. At the same time you watch that temporal and occipital zone smoothly passed each other, made whole.
  6. Make bang. You can issue direct or slanting bang. And it is possible to do and absolutely without it. Here be guided by the taste or by desires of the client. Dry up and style hair by means of the hair dryer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team