How to cut cascade

How to cut cascade

There are two technicians of performance of hairstyle "Cascade". What way the hairdresser will use during the work, depends on length of hair of the client. The hairstyle "Cascade" becomes on long hair and on hair of average length.


  1. Surely wet hair that they were obedient at hairstyle. Then divide hair on zones and fix by hairpins. If hair long, then them it is possible just to divide in half, having drawn line as if you wanted to close up two tails. Allocate in front lock and cut off it the necessary length. At more short hair the lock needs to be allocated in top zone. Length of control lock at rather short hair usually 5-8 cm.
  2. At long hair take the following curl 1-1.5 cm wide about control lock and, delaying hair horizontally to the person, equal them at one length. Hair of average length need to be directed at alignment vertically.
  3. At long hair at first give the form to all parietal zone, and then process head sides. On shorter hair the top, and then sides, whisky and cinciput is processed at first. What zone you would not process, pull hair to control lock. Be guided only on originally set length that the hairstyle has turned out symmetric.
  4. It is necessary to finish hairstyle with fringing. For this purpose comb hair, considering the direction of their growth. Straighten tips to give to hairstyle tidy look. Again comb hair and look whether there is no untrimmed lock left still.
  5. The last stroke of any hairstyle is tapering of hair special scissors. Long hair can be thinned out at all length. Thinning shears it is better to pass hair of average length on several levels at once. This stage will give to hairstyle "Cascade" the finished look, hair will lay down beautifully and naturally.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team