How to cut curly hair

How to cut curly hair

In curlies there is mass of good points. If their owner does not try to straighten them every morning, and prefers to carry wavy hairstyle, she was lucky - the nature has taken care of its laying. Only it is necessary to cut wavy head of hear in a certain way.


  1. Curly hair differ from straight lines in porous structure and other details of the internal building therefore they are more subject to section and thicket break. Respectively and care for them is necessary specific.
  2. In the best way the hairstyle of average length will be suitable for curly hair. It is better not to shear shortly wavy head of hear, otherwise it will look as if hedgehog. Waves will help to emphasize curlies or such hairdresser's methods as graduation and multiple layers. Consider shape of face, eyes and growth of hair when you choose hairstyle for curly hair.
  3. Full-faced owners of curls will suit length to chin. If you deal with small curls, then focus on asymmetric hairstyle. Those who was born with wavy hair should leave thick bangs and to be guided by hairstyle short flight of stairs. At widely located cheekbones the long curls left on each side will have wonderful effect.
  4. For curls it is not necessary to use thinning shears at all. It is possible to profile wavy hair by other methods, for example, having used such equipment as "poynting". It capable to give great shape even to the most curly hair. Any professional hairdresser has to know about it.
  5. When you carry out hairstyle of wavy hair, try to observe accuracy, especially, during the work with tips. The best exit - to use technology under the name "hot scissors". This method is unique the fact that it is capable to solder the ends of hair therefore they are protected from loss of moisture and fragility.
  6. And last council. Do not use the razor to hairstyle of wavy head of hear. The method of shaving hairstyle has no sparing properties and is capable to do much harm to curly hair. Use only scissors.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team