How to cut direct bang

How to cut direct bang

The bang is long since used both by women, and men as bright element of hairstyle and hairstyle. By means of bang it is possible to truncate visually too long face, to make look more expressive, to distract attention from too big nose or other defects of appearance. The bang is capable to change your image, having added to it new original line. There is mass of various models of bangs, but the classical direct bang which you can independently cut in house conditions still is popular.


  1. The magnificent direct bang with the flat line of cut considerably will emphasize your look, will make it more mysterious and deep, and for such hairstyle you will need clips for hair and two types of scissors – simple and tapering.
  2. Hairdresser's scissors have to be sharp and qualitative. Moisten hair from spray and comb hair.
  3. Take one lock, clamp it between index and average fingers and delay to nose bridge. At the level of nose bridge exactly cut off lock scissors. If you want to have bang slightly well than eyebrows, make cut slightly higher.
  4. If your hair curl, do cut at the level of the middle of nose – having dried and having risen, the bang will get suitable length.
  5. Separate hair rectangular hair parting to allocate deep bang. Pin up hair clip that they did not disturb hairstyle. On all width of bang carry out by hairbrush tip the horizontal hair parting going parallel to the line of growth of hair.
  6. Thickness of hair parting has to be 1 cm. By means of hairbrush allocate extreme lock through growth of hair and accurately shear superfluous, having planned the correct length.
  7. Then separate new locks at distance of 1 cm, comb out them on the person and clamp together with already cut lock to shear hair at the identical level.
  8. Cut off each subsequent lock one millimeter lower previous, slightly increasing length of hair. Having dried, hair slightly will rise, and the line of cut will be ideally equal. Do not forget to determine cut length taking into account that dry hair are always shorter than wet. Dry hair and comb bang.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team