How to cut emo

How to cut emo

The youth subculture of emo is characterized by mixture of various emotions. But it also unique style of hairstyle which reflects these uncontrollable feelings. Emo kids wear not only long, but also hair short. How to make hairstyle of emo?


  1. Get up in front of the mirror. Comb half of hair forward and fix that did not disturb. Cut off locks on occipital part in chaotic order. If length of hair is uneven, then it will only stronger bring closer it to style of emo. And still try to direct scissors from nape to chin that will help to make more correct asymmetry. If you want to make short hairstyle, cut off locks well. For hairstyle on long hair leave the lower locks long on all head, and on upper make short hairstyle.
  2. Ahead cut off hair as very thick short bangs. Or make it length to chin and comb on one side that she closed one eye. The bang can be made fragmentary, having processed it special scissors. Extend locks when laying and record hairspray. Hair behind you can comb and give them the form which is sticking out in different directions. Lay short locks by means of styling gel. Girls can get various hairpins on them.
  3. Dye hair in dark or white color, placing emphasis on contrast of separate locks. Avoid coloring in black color, it will roughly look. Choose dark-chestnut or brown paints. Add dark hair bright (pink, orange, red) with strips, and white it is possible to combine with blue and green locks. The hairstyle of emo has to symbolize explosion and changeability of emotions.
  4. Address to salon hairdressing salon if are not sure that you will be able to tonsure hair independently. It is better to show to the master the photo of that hairstyle which you want to receive as a result on the hair. Hairdressers willingly experiment, carrying out sometimes strange wishes of clients. Besides in salon there are professional paints which can make your locks glowing in the dark.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team