How to cut fragmentary bang

How to cut fragmentary bang

It is difficult to find such type of woman's face on which the bang would not look. It can be made any form, length and density, considering features of appearance. If you love experiments, create to yourself fragmentary bang.

It is required to you

  • - ordinary scissors;
  • - thinning shears;
  • - clips of la of hair;
  • - hairbrush.


  1. The fragmentary bang is ideal for those women who have heavy, wide chin. Combine such bang with fragmentary hairstyle. You will even more emphasize with it the style and will create attractive, bright image.
  2. The fragmentary bang can be both with fringing, and without it. But differences in its modeling appear only at the last stage. The first steps for both types of bang will be identical. From tools you will be need ordinary scissors and scissors for tapering, hairbrush and clips.
  3. Wet hair and carefully comb them. Plan borders of future bang. Its width should not overstep the bounds of forehead. Exception are those cases when the general view of hairstyle demands bang which will come on temporal hollows. Bang depth (i.e. that, it is how highly necessary to do hair parting) depends only on that how dense you want. For fragmentary bang make triangular or rectangular hair parting. Record other hair clips that they did not disturb at hairstyle.
  4. Shear bang cloves to the necessary length. They can be small or large. The second option will be suitable only for thick bangs when you have highly made hair parting. To receive cloves, deepen scissors in hair and cut off them at the different level. As for length which necessity to leave, do it such what you want. But do not forget that the bang will dry and slightly will rise. I.e. cut off hair a little below than desirable length.
  5. Vertical hair parting divide bang into locks about a centimeter wide. Clamp everyone between fingers and delay perpendicular to the person. Fingers have to be in the place of the shortest hair in lock. Shear what will go beyond palm direct cut. Profile hair on your discretion and dry up bang.
  6. If you want fragmentary bang with fringing, then after you make cloves (the line of bang not necessarily has to be straight line, it can be slanting, semicircular, etc.), profile bang. Extent of tapering depends only on your desire. Comb hair down and straighten them. It can be done both cloth of scissors, and their tips, cutting off small cloves. Now you will need only to dry up bang.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team