How to cut hair

How to cut hair

The hairstyle of hair allows to vary your image and style somehow – you can look younger, make visually about yourself absolutely other impression and cardinally change image, having only replaced hairstyle at the stylist. However services of the stylist stand much today and therefore it will be useful for you to learn to do simple hairstyles independently, and afterwards to apply the abilities on relatives, friends and own children.


  1. Good hairdresser's scissors which have to be sharply ground and also set of hairbrushes with different frequency of teeths are necessary for you for qualitative hairstyle. Wash out hairbrushes and scissors after hairstyle in boiled water.
  2. Before to cut hair, humidify them, having sprinkled them spray with water, and on shoulders of the person whom you cut, put on cape. Allocate several zones of growth of hair for the greatest convenience of hairstyle – parietal zone, temporal zone and occipital zone.
  3. Begin hairstyles, as a rule, with occipital zone. Pin up hair on zones on which you do not work at present clips for convenience.
  4. Comb hair of occipital zone and separate one lock 1 cm wide. Comb it, clamp between average and index fingers of the left hand and cut off, having scissors exactly over fingers.
  5. Being guided by length of the cut-off lock, comb and cut off over fingers one more lock, nearby. Pin up the cut-off locks, leaving only one lock for determination of the correct length.
  6. After all locks of occipital zone are cut, make fringing or tushevka – process hairstyle contour. As fringing you can choose rounded, oval, direct or asymmetric shape of cut.
  7. Tushevka the hair is smooth transition from long to short hair on edge of growth. For tushevka cut hair to length 5 cm and, moving hairbrush, cut off speakers over it hairs scissors, holding them in the right hand.
  8. Having reached the end, begin to move hairbrush in the opposite direction and again cut off the acting hairs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team