How to cut hair cascade

How to cut hair cascade

Hairstyle Cascade - one of the most universal. There are many options of its performance therefore it is suitable for persons of any form and hair of various texture, structure, density. This hairstyle quite easily is carried out and does not demand any difficult personal care. Also its popularity is connected with the fact that there is huge number of options of laying. Besides, the streaming hair of different length look very beautifully and is womanly.


  1. Prepare hair for hairstyle. If the head too dirty, then wash up it. Otherwise it is enough to moisten hair from spray and it is good to comb.
  2. Allocate occipital, parietal and temporal zones. Fix hair by means of clips.
  3. Separate on the top lock about 1.5 by 1.5 cm in size, its otcheshita perpendicular to the head up and shear at that level which is necessary to you. It will be control lock, to it other hair will be tightened then. It is possible to take lock not on the top, and from parietal zone - then the configuration of hairstyle will turn out a little another.
  4. Cut hair of occipital zone. Separating horizontal hair partings small locks, bring up them to control up and cut off at its level. Process all hair of occipital zone. As a result it has to turn out that upper hair will be shorter than lower.
  5. Cut hair of parietal zone. There are several options of hairstyle. It is possible to cut hair, being guided by length of control lock, and it is possible – at length previous (method of creation of hair of equal length). In the second case it will turn out that hair at the person will be shorter. What option of processing you would not choose, it is necessary to move from nape to forehead and to separate locks horizontal hair partings.
  6. Process hair in temporal zones. Separating horizontal hair partings temple hair, to their otchesyvayta up also shear at the level of front locks.
  7. Make if it is necessary, bang. Comb out all hair several times, taking away at the same time excess hairs which spoil hairstyle. If fine hair, then it is possible to process hairstyle thinning shears that additional volume has turned out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team