How to cut hairstyle cascade

How to cut hairstyle cascade

Each girl wants to look faultlessly. In the finished image important role is played by hairstyle. The main requirements which beauties impose to hair: that they looked magnificent, dense and volume and easily kept within the necessary hairstyle. Very good option for the embodiment of these desires is the hairstyle cascade. It is suitable for any shape of face and for any type of hair.


  1. The first version of the equipment of hairstyle. Of course, before hairstyle it is necessary to wash up and dry hair. On the center of the head allocate the main lock limited to two parallel straight lines. The remained hair pin up clips. The main lock is carefully combed, fixed parallel to floor and cut to the necessary length. Other hair cut in the same way, being guided by the first lock.
  2. When performing hairstyle all locks separate among themselves horizontal hair partings. They need to be cut direct cut.
  3. After alignment of the main lock tighten to it locks from parietal zone and from temporal and side zones of the head, and then from occipital. Cut parietal zone from the top to forehead.
  4. At hairstyle of temporal zones are guided by frontal zone, but at the same time the frontal zone of hair has to be focused on the main lock. Thus the hairstyle gradually acquires step structure.
  5. The second version of the equipment of hairstyle. In this option of lock cut one by one. In this case the hairstyle is carried out from the main lock on nape towards forehead. Each subsequent lock tonsure, being guided by previous. For creation of contour of hairstyle the hair carefully comb cascade from the top in the opposite directions, straightening them. And for ease of laying make tapering for giving of lightness.
  6. It is simple to stack this hairstyle: it is enough to dry up hair from roots to tips, having hung the head down. For giving of form gel, wax or skin is used.
  7. If there is in stock time or at special cases it is possible to make laying in a different way. The skin is applied on clean dry-through hair and distributed on all length of hair. After that the hairstyle is dried so that the right angle was formed of locks. By means of round hairbrush the tips of hair keep within at will or in inside, or outside.
  8. Laying can be made also by means of the iron. Thanks to it hair will get shine and gloss, also with its help the hair will become silky and smooth. At such way of laying of hairstyle cascade the hairstyle will become more expressive, the graduated system clearly will be visible. However at such laying do not forget to use thermoprotective equipment.
  9. Thanks to this universal hairstyle you will become just irresistible and you will have no additional efforts when laying.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team