How to cut house hair

How to cut house hair

The ability to cut hair in house conditions will help to save decent money and to receive excellent result. Having picked up the correct tools and following simple instructions, you will be able to become easy the experienced house hairdresser.


  1. Take care of sharp for hairstylehair scissors and good set of hairbrushes and brushes. It is also possible to make small investment in the machine for hairstyle of hair. Hairpins, hairpins, crocodiles can be useful to you for hair, the powerful hair dryer and the spray for water to moisten hair during hairstyle.
  2. When you only begin to learn to cut hair, as object use the son, the nephew or the husband as men's hairstyle – ideal lesson for start. Moreover, men and boys not so care for how their head looks. And it is easy to correct errors the machine for hairstyle of hair.
  3. Begin with wetting of hair or in general wash them shampoo. Accurately comb hair, since tips, gradually moving to the top.
  4. At first you study simple hairstyles. The most banal is reduction to one length on all head.
  5. For more difficult hairstyles the hair have to share with the help of hairbrush and hairpins on zones: left and right temporal zones, upper zatylochka and lower occipital part.
  6. Begin with trimming of small amount of hair. Then you will have stock on making their length shorter. If to cut off too much from the very beginning, you can spoil all hairstyle.
  7. Comb hair from the basis and you hold locks between index and average fingers. Measure the necessary length and accurately cut off superfluous. Continue with the following lock, observing the same length, one party will not be complete yet.
  8. It is necessary to cut off curly hair a little more long than planned. As on moist hair the curls will be more straightened, and after drying I can strongly approach.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team