How to cut men

How to cut men

Most of men should be cut very often: practically time in 3-4 weeks they need to visit hairdresser's salon. As a result on hairstyles a lot of money which can be saved if you learn to cut the man independently leaves.

It is required to you

  • - scissors
  • - hairbrush
  • - machine for hairstyle of hair
  • - razor


  1. The easiest way purchase of the machine for hair will begin to open home hairdressing salon. It costs not much and quickly justifies the price. If your husband, the father or the son prefer short simple hairstyles, then by means of the machine you quickly learn to cut men. Before practicing, observe how the professional cuts. Find video in the Internet how to cut men or you go to salon, peep furtively at hairdressers.
  2. It is better to start the first independent hairstyle during the holiday or on the weekend that in case of failure your man has not gone for work as dissatisfied. But, I hope, your hairstyle will work well. Before beginning, surely discuss future hairstyle with the man. Perhaps, he will give to you practical advice and will in detail tell how it is necessary to cut it. Determine the necessary length of hair on the top, occipital and temporal shares and choose according to it nozzles for the machine.
  3. Begin hairstyle with the top and the largest nozzle. Try not to hurry and to carefully remove all excess hair. "Marriage on what it is better to carry out several times on the same site of hair. On nape and temples cut small nozzle. Do smooth movements, try to smooth difference in length, tearing off the machine a little from the head when from below you cut occipital zone up.
  4. In the last turn surely make fringing on growth of hair. The machine without nozzle pass on border of growth of hair, attentively process sites behind ears. Be accurate, do not break the line of growth of hair. Attentively consider result of the work and give the chance to the man to estimate hairstyle from all directions. We hope, as you, and your man will be satisfied with hairstyle. Over time you learn to cut men surely and quickly and will be able to forget about monthly costs of hairdressing salons.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team