How to cut mother

How to cut mother

If it is necessary to truncate a little bang or to cut off split ends, then some women do not address to hairdressing salon, and ask daughters to cut it hair. It is so possible to save time and money.

It is required to you

  • - cape;
  • - hairbrush with rare teeths;
  • - hairbrush with frequent teeths;
  • - scissors;
  • - clips;
  • - styling gel.


  1. There are several enough simple types of hairstyle which you can make in house conditions. But before cutting mother, prepare all necessary. Indoors, where work will be performed, remove carpets. Prepare the cape protecting clothes from hit of hair, hairbrush with rare teeths, hairbrush with frequent teeths, scissors, clips or hairpins, styling gel.
  2. Ask mother conveniently and to sit down exactly. It is very important that during hairstyle she did not move, did not incline the head. Slightly wet it hair, comb them.
  3. If your mother has parting at the side on one party, and she wants to herself elegant bang, then you should work fairly. Comb her hair in the direction from the top on the person (fig. 1). Separate future bang from other hair. Remove the locks which are not participating in hairstyle and fix by clips that they did not disturb you.
  4. Once again carefully brush hair. If they strongly curl, then grease them with gel for laying. Let's it dry, and you receive direct locks. It considerably will simplify hairstyle. At the initial stage make bang of the 3 cm longer planned level. If during further work it becomes clear that it is cut crookedly, then you will have opportunity to straighten it. Remember that in damp state the bang seems 1-1.5 cm more long, but having dried, it will become shorter.
  5. If your mother has decided to replace hairstyle from classical hairstyle with fashionable short flight of stairs, then here you should apply maximum of sharpness and patience. You should not trust creation of difficult symmetric hairstyle to the inexperienced eye estimation. It can lead to sad consequences. If you want to make really qualitative hairstyle, then use self-made template.
  6. Take dense fabric and make the template which is bearing a faint resemblance to hood. Cut out on it contours of future hairstyle (fig. 2). Brush hair, apply on them gel for laying, straightening locks. When gel dries, fix by clips your template and just cut off everything speakers from under it tips of hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team