How to cut off hair

How to cut off hair

The ability to cut hair independently in house situation is very useful and can repeatedly be useful to each of us. For example, if you want to cut the friends and relatives or children who often are afraid or just do not like to go to hairdressing salon. That the hairstyle was pledge of good mood for the next several months, it has to be qualitative.

It is required to you

  • - scissors;
  • - hairbrushes with rare, frequent teeth and with tail;
  • - clips;
  • - spray;
  • - cape from fabric.


  1. Throw with cape the client's shoulders. By means of hairbrush with tail divide hair into zones – the top, side, nape. Remember their sequence.
  2. Analyze appearance of the client and draw conclusions on lines of body, shape of face, habit to move, quantity and quality of hair. Visually determine length and form of hairstyle taking into account appearance and the client's wish.
  3. Define places where it is necessary to remove or add volume, do it even at division of hair into zones in which you will cut. It becomes hair of adjacent sections were not confused in the course of hairstyle to control the actions and to make the decision what devices better to cut off in the specific place.
  4. Pull the cut-off lock of hair by means of average and thumb of hand under necessary corner, avoiding to take too big lock. At the same time consider the direction of growth of hair, tops and cops.
  5. Make fringing on all perimeter of hairstyle. You do not hold hairbrush parallel to the head all the time. Do cloves a little on yourself, lift lock and remove it under necessary corner up. If you make everything correctly, then short flights of stairs will never be.
  6. That the hairstyle was qualitative, previously moisten hair by means of spray, comb them, distribute head indumentum as it was already told above, on zones and record by means of clips of lock of hair. You hold scissors so that the small pillow of thumb fixed one ring of scissors, and small pillow of ring finger – another. Such reception of continence of scissors is the basic. Try to scissor: click them, test whether fingers in rings of scissors conveniently are located.
  7. Serially pick up lock hairbrush teeth very close to the head and fingers of the left hand, three times carefully comb out lock hairbrush and pull it. Determine by the left hand the necessary length of lock, shift hairbrush from hand in hand between index and big fingers at their basis. Record thumb ring of scissors and cut off lock tips of scissors, having made about five clicks for cutting of one lock. Take out thumb from ring, advance in it ring finger and press scissors to palm. Shift hairbrush tail from left in the right hand between big and forefinger and continue to cut each of zones.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team