How to cut the husband

How to cut the husband

Any woman wants that near her there was worthy man. Reliable, courageous, self-assured, it is desirable rich. And, above all, he has to look good! The hairstyle makes any person attractive and special. Sometimes so it happens that the loving woman herself wants to cut the husband. It saves the family budget.

It is required to you

  • - stool,
  • - cape,
  • - hairbrush,
  • - hairdresser's scissors,
  • - machine for hairstyle of hair,
  • - big soft brush,
  • - vacuum cleaner.


  1. Take off shirt, undershirt from the husband, put him on stool and throw with cape shoulders. Thereby you protect body from hit of the cut hair. Get to work.
  2. Consider attentively the line of the previous hairstyle, so it will be simpler to you to repeat it. Accurately walk on hair hairbrush and determine desirable length. Do not pull lock, you can damage and hurt them to darling.
  3. Begin with nape, it is more convenient to cut from below up and from left to right. Gather rather narrow lock of hair on hairbrush, clamp between fingers and accurately cut off to desirable length. Next time take a little from already short-haired hair and carefully level on length. When finish with nape, accurately work scissors the lower contour of hairstyle.
  4. You pass to temples. They require special attention. At first cut off the line, then it is also accurate, lock behind lock, shorten hair from temples to the top. Evenly remove them to the necessary length on all surface of the head. If desired issue bang creatively, with tapering. It is possible just to leave a little longer than it and to comb then on any party.
  5. Walk on all surface of the head with final fair pro-hairstyle. The left hand gather hair on hairbrush, conduct it continuously up the direction to the top, and the right dostrigayta. Shave neck.
  6. After have finished, brush away the husband with wide soft brush, take off cape and send him to shower. While darling washes, take the vacuum cleaner, collect all hair from floor, quickly make up lips, scatter on yourself to steam of drops of favourite spirits and meet the changed husband after shower.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team